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Real Estate Business

Our agents are taking care of the regional business, especially in certain cities around the lower rhine and our portfolio allows us to cover the requirements of the local real estate market.

Listed business areas:

Sales, rental, administration, agency transactions for private, commerce and industry

We are managing this business area successfully for years. Therefore our long term clients have grown and we can count on their loyalty. We are offering a multiple service starting with an adequate commercial strategy or web networking until a complete commercial and notary realisation.

Our key areas are:

  • Selling of condominium flats
  • Selling of residences, industry and commerce related objects
  • Renting of residences, industry and commerce related objects
  • Residential demolition objects
  • Selling of building sites
  • Buying of multifamily buildings, residences and commercial buildings for the own inventory

Purchase of properties to be redeveloped or to be renovated

We are managing this sector successfully for years too. We are focused in buying and developing such properties, subject that these objects are located in a profitable living and traffic infrastructure. With diligent planning, project management and specialised carpenters we modernise the properties according to actual guidelines raise their values and prepare them if needed for sales.

To Increase energy efficiency we use the following renovation procedure: In general we are starting first of all with the insulation of roofs, house walls, windows. As next step we implement the energy saving technologies, like heating-condensing-systems, heat pump equipment, fuel cells, pellet stoves, photovoltaic, photothermic.

Individual consulting and after sales service is one of our strengths.

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